Saved the Games: New Ad Touts Romney Olympic Experience


It’s an often under-emphasized portion of Mitt Romney’s biography, but it’s taking center stage as Americans turn their eyes toward London for the 2012 games. Mitt Romney’s successful effort to save the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah are just one of many examples of his skills as a turnaround artist, but it’s a great time to highlight it. That’s why Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney Super PAC, has released a new ad:

The ad features Kristi Yamaguchi, Jimmy Shea and Derek Parra, three gold medal winners from the 2002 games. Democrats have tried to downplay Romney’s role in the 2002 games, but Politifact gave the Romney campaign a “mostly true” on their claims that Romney helped save the troubled 2002 games. Given the testimonials from the COO of the Games in the ad above, as well as the athletes whose lives were impacted, I’d say he did a damn good job.