Fun with Crist: Palin Would “Do a Great Job”


As Obama rolls out his newest “I was once a Republican, kinda” endorsement, conservatives are having fun pointing to Charlie Crist’s past statements. Crist was a major critic of Obamacare when he was pursuing the GOP nomination for Senate in 2010, but his skepticism of Team Hopenchange goes further back than that. Pressed on whether Sarah Palin was as qualified as the Obama/Biden ticket in 2008, Crist was unequivocal:

I love this footage because I can just imagine liberal Obama supporters trying to rationalize the Crist endorsement being a good thing. The same people that are crowing about Crist’s superb judgment in jumping aboard the Obama Express undoubtedly lampooned his judgment in defending Palin in 2008. Political expediency, away!