An Insider’s Look at Romney’s Utah Home


Mitt Romney may have one of the most distorted personalities in all of politics. Democrats and the media are eager to paint him as an out-of-touch rich guy who practices a strange religion and indulges on an obscene scale. Sure, Romney has nice houses and nice cars, but most Americans aspire for the same type of success. When it comes to his actual personality, Romney is pretty down to earth, or at least the folks that bought his Utah home think so. Check this out:

First of all, the Prewitts were impressed – and a little shocked — when Mitt Romney met them at the property on moving day. There were no brokers or anyone there at the house – just the former governor walking around the house to make sure the new owners were comfortable and familiar with their purchase. “He spent as much time as we needed showing us around, answering our questions and explaining how to use and service the home’s equipment,” Hal wrote.  “And when he was done, he gave us his direct contact information should we have problems.

When my parents bought their home in ’97 or ’98, they weren’t as lucky as the Prewitts. The former owner left a mess of junk in our downstairs, including a bunch of broken toys and items. We found a couple things worth keeping, but most of it was junk the former owner didn’t want to hassle with while moving. The Prewitts also note that Romney moved most of the items from the Utah home on his own, building his own storage containers and renting a U-Haul. That doesn’t sound like an out-of-touch rich guy to me. What about the Mormon thing?

In the Romney’s master bedroom, was a prominent painting of Jesus Christ.  “Most Americans know little about Mormonism and we didn’t either,” Hal wrote. “But Mitt Romney clearly had a home of faith and family just like the rest of us.”

“One of the most interesting questions many have asked is, ‘as president will he impose his beliefs on others?’” Hal wrote.  “Many claim that a President Romney would take away rights and impose his beliefs on all Americans.”  However, possibly the most surprising discovery was a small stash of alcohol in the house, which – the Prewitts were told – was for guests only.  Mormonism prohibits drinking alcohol, of course, and the Romneys are teetotalers.  However, they kept a few drinks on hand to be good hosts and make sure their guests felt comfortable.

It is disturbing that the Prewitts even considered Romney imposing Mormon beliefs on others, but that just shows how pervasive the creeping lies about Romney’s religion have been, in media and in casual conversations. Romney doesn’t drink, his religion doesn’t allow him to, but he seems to have no problems with others indulging. In addition, Romney’s personal objects show him to be Christ-centered, like most Americans, not engaging in some creepy cult-like worship of other figures. Page the media! What this story says is Romney is normal. Sure, he’s been successful, but that’s not worth demonizing him over, especially considering he appears to be a pretty damn decent guy.