A Subliminal Romney Message on ‘Bones’?


There was all sorts of political talk on this week’s episode of the popular crime thriller ‘Bones’, as the title character decides she should run for President. Here’s how the Huffington Post sums up the episode (spoiler alert, I suppose), which had a political tinge:

“I’m brilliant. That is not in dispute,” Brennan said on the latest “Bones.” She was making her case to Booth about why she’d be a great president.

In fact, Brennan revealed that it’s actually been a dream of hers. So could the crime procedural be heading toward a political angle? Booth didn’t seem to think so.

“You can’t run for President of the United States, Bones,” he pointed out. When she acknowledged that it was, of course, too late for the current election cycle, he reminded her of something else. She was a fugitive from the law for three months. That could hurt her chances.

Political jokes and storylines are nothing new on major television shows, but my girlfriend did notice something a bit odd. When watching the show on Hulu, she noticed the word “Romney” in one shot. It was as they were looking at a Google Map, apparently at Romney, West Virginia. The storyline made no mention of why they were checking out the tiny town in their search for a murderer:

A subliminal plug for the Republican nominee, or just someone on the set having a little fun? Who knows, but the girlfriend didn’t notice any subliminal references to Barack Obama.

  • saffron archer

    Well, the season 9 finale just reeked of a right wing agenda…having guns stocked in your home in case the corrupt government comes to your place and violently attacks you. this episode was just plain ridiculous in any aspects. Booth deliberatly got them to come after him, he stays at his house in stead of getting to a safe place. He risked the lifes of his family just to become a nut case who has a shoot out with delta force guys. How stupid is that?