Irony: Jim Moran Pens Editorial Against Voter Fraud


Talk about bad timing. On the same evening a bombshell video is released of the son of Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) advising someone on how to commit voter fraud, a Northern Virginia newspaper published an editorial from Moran decrying… voter fraud:

Unfortunately, recent efforts by far right activists and a lack of action by state election authorities threatens the integrity of our electoral process.

On October 18, an employee of a company called Pinpoint was arrested in Harrisonburg, Virginia on 13 counts of voter registration fraud for illegally throwing voter registration forms in a dumpster.

Pinpoint continues to operate throughout Virginia including Rockingham County, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake City, and here in Northern Virginia, in Fairfax, Prince William and Loudoun Counties. The Commonwealth’s voting process is under national scrutiny given our important role in this year’s election. And yet, this incident is being ignored by state officials.

The situation with Pinpoint involved an independent contractor, which is a far cry from a Congressman’s son, who also served as his field director. Like Moran’s son, the Pinpoint operative was fired. Unlike Moran’s son (thus far), the independent contractor is facing criminal charges. This is just sweet sweet irony, that Moran would come out hard against voter fraud, today.