Romney Endorsement: New York Observer Flips From 2008


The New York Observer, a weekly paper in the heart of liberalism with a center-left bent, has decided to come out in support of Mitt Romney. The paper endorsed Obama in 2008, but decided this time around to change their tune. Their endorsement is a blaring indictment of Obama’s tenure, so I recommend reading the whole thing. A highlight:

While we admire Mr. Obama, we believe he squandered an opportunity to bring positive change to Washington—and what change he did bring will burden future generations. We continue to rack up debt, buy services we cannot afford and allow unfunded liabilities to continue to grow. This has to end.

Rather than reimagining government’s role in society and the economy by embracing the courageous alternatives proposed by the Simpson-Bowles commission two years ago, Mr. Obama turned to neo-New Deal policies. Rather than building creative partnerships with the private sector, the president chose to demonize the successful. Rather than strengthen the nation’s relationship with Israel as the Arab world imploded, Mr. Obama treated Jerusalem as less a friend than a burden.

In addition, the Observer endorsement blasts Obama for hosting high-dollar Wall Street fundraisers then turning around and blasting Wall Street on the stump. Obama is the candidate of Wall Street, or at least was in 2008, when he collected more donations from financial firm employees than any candidate in history. The Observer can’t help but remark on the blatant hypocrisy, not to mention say some good things about Mitt.