Could Allen West Move to Georgia?


The Chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party is attempting to lure Congressman Allen West, who lost re-election in Florida, to the Peach State. She won’t be Chairwoman by the time he could run, however, which makes it an odd offer of sorts. James Richardson of Georgia Tipsheet has the story:

The chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party made an open invitation Monday to Rep. Allen West, the tea party freshman from neighboring Florida who lost his bid for a second term by some 2,000 votes last week, to stage a congressional comeback from the Peach State.

“I would be glad to have him come back to Georgia and at some point run here,” state party chief Sue Evarhart said of West, who was born and came of age in Atlanta, in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I would certainly try to help him because he has done his job… He ran as a Republican, a conservative Republican.”

A term-limited Evarhart’s reign atop the state party would end before any hypothetic West bids even began, but she was nonetheless effusive in her praise of the retired Army lieutenant colonel.

West undoubtedly has a large national base of support and could find his way back into Congress through any number of very conservative districts across the country. Heck, without Obama’s coattails in Florida, he may have won in 2012. I doubt we’ve seen the last of Allen West, whether it be in Florida or elsewhere.