Kasich ‘Did Not’ Ask Adelson to Fund Future Races


Yesterday I wrote about how potential 2016 candidates were courting big donors including Sheldon Adelson, who gave millions to both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney over the past year. One of those potential 2016 contenders is Ohio Governor John Kasich. Here’s a little more info on his meeting with the casino magnate:

Asked if he sought financial support from Adelman for either his 2014 gubernatorial re-election or a 2016 presidential bid, Kasich replied, “Did not.”

He continued: “Hey, I would like everybody to help me, but I didn’t get into, like, ‘I need this from you or whatever.’ “

Kasich said he and Adelman “talked about lots of different things,” including a new Holocaust memorial planned for the Ohio Statehouse.

Kasich, who made a short-lived presidential bid in 2000, is gearing up for re-election and refuses to discuss whether he still has his eye on the White House.

I’m not surprised that Kasich didn’t make a direct ask for 2016, but the fact that he didn’t ask for help in 2014 is a bit telling. Kasich’s approval rating has been steadily rising in Ohio as the economy improves in that state (despite the President), and the odds of him being re-elected seem to be rising with it. We’ll see how serious the Ohio politico is about running for President again.