Booker Botches Numbers on Gun Violence


Newark Mayor Cory Booker, widely viewed as a Democrat rising star and candidate for United States Senate, has completely botched the numbers on murders from gun violence. As documented by Bridget Johnson, Booker went from saying “thousands” die a day to the actual statistic of approximately 30 deaths due to gun violence:

“Shame on us, because the tragedies haven’t stopped,” Booker said of a new CBS poll that shows support for new gun-control legislation at just 47 percent, down 10 points from December.

“There are still thousands of Americans that are being murdered every single day. We had an innocent man in my city injured by a handgun that didn’t come from our — the handguns in my city are not coming from within our state. And so this is very problematic. When you have the majority of the people, 90 percent Americans, 80 percent of gun owners agree on sensible gun reforms that would stop the carnage,” the mayor continued.

As Johnson notes, Booker ended up having to take to Twitter to correct his grossly inaccurate statement, and even there he had to correct himself after getting it wrong. It turns out that Booker wasn’t off by a little bit. He missed the boat on gun-related murders entirely:

That tweet was quickly followed by this correction…

This is why the American people don’t take liberal Democrats seriously on gun control. They overstate the problem (which is very real), attempting to make it sound like a massive epidemic that only further gun control measures can combat. When liberals take the time to understand the problem, I’ll take the time to measure the seriousness of their solutions.