Dumb: Fake Photo of Obama Kissing British Prime Minister Goes Viral


Sometimes you need to look at the things you’re posting on Facebook and realize that they make our side look like idiots. One such Facebook posting that has gone viral is a photoshopped image that appears to show President Obama kissing British Prime Minister David Cameron. One of my (now former) Facebook friends posted this with the word “proof” below it:

ObamaCameronDumbFirst off, the photo is an obvious fake, and the gatekeeper of all internet conspiracy theories, Snopes.com, has already debunked it. Second, posting things like “Obama wants it off the internet” may be good for getting fringe idiots to plaster the image far and wide, but the President is probably unaware of the doctored image’s existence. Can we please focus on assaulting his horrible record and agenda and keep this stuff away from the social media feeds. At a certain point, online conservatives just look like children.


  • sweptarea

    It’s humor. Squeemish, undeserved, snarky, maybe. But watch Jon Stewart for a single program (if you can stand to without vomiting) and tell me this is worse.

  • Liliana Mercado