A Parting Shot At Corey Stewart


I’ve made my feelings quite clear about the ramifications of the choices made at Virginia’s Republican Party Convention this past weekend in Richmond. I’m ready to stop talking about the mistakes made and start talking about the dangers of the Democrat ticket poised to be nominated in June.

Still, there are some things worth clearing up and touching on before I “move on”, as so many have advised me. A few days ago, many Virginians learned about what has been dubbed the “Richmond Screwjob”, a last minute desperate ploy from failed Lieutenant Governor candidate Corey Stewart. Stewart himself responded by email:

PRINCE WILLIAM, VA- The convention is over. E.W. Jackson has won the nomination fair and square. There are some who are attempting to cast a pall over his victory and cannot accept that, prior to the fourth ballot, I cast my support for E.W., grabbing his hand and storming the convention floor as a united team.

Why did I endorse E.W.?  Because he is a good and honorable man.  Because he did not distribute false flyers like this one and this one.

Let’s make this very clear. The flyer touting Stewart’s endorsement of Snyder was not false at the time of distribution, and was only made false by Stewart demanding an inordinate amount of money for his already-granted endorsement. Stewart was attempting to publicly embarrass Pete Snyder and would have succeeded, if so many people didn’t know the truth.

I know people who saw the event occur. I have received confirmation through others that the event occurred. I even saw Stewart staff gathering up Snyder materials to distribute until their radio buzzed that the endorsement was off.

So, what about the Obenshain endorsement? That was a legitimate botch. No one wants to say it, but Obenshain was prepared to endorse Snyder and the wheels were in motion until the Attorney General nominee saw how close Jackson was to clinching the nod. You combine that with Stewart’s deception and the surprise speed of the 4th ballot distribution, and Obenshain backed out. Snyder’s team jumped the gun before the endorsement was final.

The big story out of this convention is E.W. Jackson, who is an honorable man as Stewart notes. Stewart’s petty deception should be remembered, however, and “moving on” before the truth is solidified would be a mistake.