Heh: Ohio Tops Foul-Mouthed States List


You know, one of the biggest things I noticed moving from Ohio to Virginia is the change in language. It’s not the Southern twang of Southwest Virginia that gets me, as I heard plenty of that in Southern and Southeast Ohio when I visited those areas. I have family in Kentucky with the deep drawl, so that never really bothered me. The real big change came in the fact that Virginians just don’t tend to let loose with profanity.

In politics in Ohio, however, profanity was laced through most conversations like lights laced through the branches of a Christmas tree. It turns out I wasn’t just imagining this difference, but rather, Ohio is the foulest of foul-mouth states, according to a recent study:

What the @#$%, Ohio? You swear more than Illinois? More than New Jersey?

More than New freakin’ York?!

That’s the finding of the Seattle-based Marchex Institute, and if you don’t like it, you probably shouldn’t tell researchers where to stick it. They already think the Buckeye State has the tact of a truck driver.

The institute, the research arm of mobile-advertising firm Marchex, studied more than 600,000 phone calls placed in the last year from consumers to businesses, among them car dealerships and cable companies. The company released its findings today, smack dab in the middle of National Etiquette week.

I believe it, from first hand experience. Where does the Commonwealth of Virginia rank? They’re in the top 5 for least profane states, making this a radical transition. Perhaps I need to watch my language a little more often and I won’t be viewed as such a Northerner.