Sources: McDonnell to Resign as Virginia Governor


Update2: McDonnell has personally denied that he will resign as Governor. I recommend reading the post for full information on how things were mishandled, and in some ways, right.

Update: Here are the denials. It’s unclear to me whether my sources know something Deutsch doesn’t or were basing their opinion on his reporting. I will update for accuracy as it goes on.

Sources close to JHPolitics are confirming what was broken by Willie Deutsch of Bearing Drift. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is, if reports are to be believed, resigning from office over pending corruption charges. Willie’s take:

The man who pushed out the RPV chairman over trumped up corruption charges while running for governor is currently in the middle of finalizing a plea agreement which includes his resignation as governor.  More to come soon.

Article was posted after two people independently shared the story.

Multiple more sources confirming plea agreement is definitely being finalized.

I have previously reported on the ethical lapses that have plagued McDonnell. Up until now, it’s been unconfirmed whether the various “gifts” the McDonnell family received amounted to legal trouble. Obviously, they have. Say goodbye to a tax-hiking Governor who once had presidential ambitions.

The one winner? Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who will (briefly) be able to fulfill his lifelong dream as serving as the Governor of Virginia.