5 Signs You’re Becoming a More Libertarian Republican


It’s undeniable that libertarian tendencies are becoming far more mainstream within the Republican Party, but I find it interesting how it’s happening within individuals. I see it in myself (albeit not on everything), and plenty of my political contacts are becoming more libertarian. Here’s how you may know you’re joining that wing of the party.

5. War Isn’t As Good of an Idea Anymore

Back in 2008, you were all with John McCain’s hawkish Iran war chatter:


But now you don’t want war anywhere, and you’re crying out for Obama to ignore Syria. You still feel like a hippie saying “give peace a chance” though:


4. Marriage? Why Are We Even Talking About This?

You used to support traditional marriage and repeat “One Man, One Woman” constantly:


But now you don’t even want the government involved in marriage. Every time someone argues in favor of same sex marriage or an amendment defining marriage, you tell them:


3. You Aren’t Really Uncomfortable With Drug Legalization Anymore

You used to think that marijuana legalization would ruin the world and destroy society:


But now you don’t really care, as long as the federal government stops wasting all of your money going after non-violent offenders:


2. You Were Always Pro-Gun, But Now You’re Really Pro-Gun

As a conservative, you’ve always supported the 2nd Amendment, but you didn’t give it much thought and just thought guns were really cool:


But now you’re starting to realize that guns aren’t just for hunting and self-defense. They’re also a fallback if we end up having to get really ticked off at our government:


1. Your Man Crush Has Changed Dramatically

You’ve long had a man crush on Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and who can blame you? The man is a budget wonk that does P90X:


But you’re constantly reminded that Ryan supported the bank bailouts, plus his budget won’t balance for like, 3 decades. Now your crush has shifted to the curly-haired dude in the Senate:


At the end of the day, it’s not like you plan on bolting the Republican Party for some other alternative. You just find yourself considering things a bit differently. That’s alright. It’s happening to a lot of us.

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  • glassa

    Actually, I did bolt. I voted Libertarian instead of voting for McCain. I wanted to vote Libertarian in 2012, but I felt stopping Obama was more important.