Americans for Prosperity Puts $3 Million Behind Anti-Obamacare Ad


Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest free market advocacy group, is out with a new ad that will run in 6 states, including Virginia, and have $3 million behind it. The new ad focuses on Obamacare, sharing the story of a woman who does not want to see the world’s leader in high quality specialty care go the way of Europe. This is Tricia’s story:

We currently have access to a tremendous amount of choice in health care. Obamacare will change all of that. Just today, the New York Times is out with a story that notes that even if health care reform drives down some premiums (a big if), it will leave many Americans with much smaller pools of doctors and facilities available for care:

Some consumer advocates and health care providers are increasingly concerned. Decades of experience with Medicaid, the program for low-income people, show that having an insurance card does not guarantee access to specialists or other providers.

Consumers should be prepared for “much tighter, narrower networks” of doctors and hospitals, said Adam M. Linker, a health policy analyst at the North Carolina Justice Center, a statewide advocacy group.

“That can be positive for consumers if it holds down premiums and drives people to higher-quality providers,” Mr. Linker said. “But there is also a risk because, under some health plans, consumers can end up with astronomical costs if they go to providers outside the network.”

To make a long story short, if you believe you can receive better care outside of these more limited networks, you will end up paying far more than you do currently for medical care. Welcome to the land of lower quality health care.