Generation Opportunity Unveils Creepy Ads Amid Anti-Obamacare Push


Generation Opportunity, a group that promotes free market ideals to college students and other young voters, is fighting back against Obamacare. To reach my generation, they’re going about it in a unique and somewhat controversial way. Check out this new ad that “GenOpp” is pushing out, which will surely make a few people think twice about the President’s health plans:

GenOpp’s push against Obamacare doesn’t end with that ad. They have a second that envisions a government prostate exam which is equally disturbing. In addition, as Yahoo! News notes, they’re investing heavily on college campuses:

Generation Opportunity, a Virginia-based group that is part of a coalition of right-leaning organizations with financial ties to billionaire businessmen and political activists Charles and David Koch, will launch a six-figure campaign aimed at convincing young people to “opt-out” of the Obamacare exchanges. Later this month, the group will begin a tour of 20 college campuses, where they plan to set up shop alongside pro-Obamacare activists such as Enroll America that are working to sign people up for the insurance exchanges.

Generation Opportunity intends to host events at college football tailgate parties festivals, where “brand ambassadors” (read: hot young people) will pass out beer koozies that read “opt out,” pizza and literature about the health care law. Some events may have impromptu dance parties with DJ’s, complete with games of cornhole and competitions for prizes, organizers said.

Their message: You don’t have to sign up for Obamacare. And they want students to sign a pledge not get insurance plans set up by the law.

“What we’re trying to communicate is, ‘No, you’re actually not required to buy health insurance,’” Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg told Yahoo News in an interview about the campaign. “You might have to pay a fine, but that’s going to be cheaper for you and better for you.”

As the minds behind GenOpp’s efforts are acutely aware, Obamacare will likely collapse on itself if they fail to convince enough healthy young people to join the new insurance exchanges. Essentially, the system is designed to have my generation subsidize older generations (as we currently do with Medicare and Medicaid). Time will tell if this effort is successful, but it will certainly turn heads in the short term with these shocking ads.