War on Women: Democrats Betray Domestic Violence Victims in Mad Dash to Beat Woman


ComstockWant to see a real example of a “war on women”? Take a look at what happened with a recent piece of domestic violence legislation in Virginia, which was scuttled by Democrats as part of a calculated effort to defeat a female Republican running for Congress.

Delegate Barbara Comstock’s legislation had unanimous support in the House of Delegates, but the Democrat-controlled State Senate had other plans:

The bill, HB1, was introduced by Del. Barbara J. Comstock (R-Fairfax) and would increase the amount of money that can go to victims of domestic and sexual violence and funds for combating those crimes, while also launching a subcommittee to study streamlining the funding process for agencies that deal with the issue.

Sen. Janet D. Howell (D-Fairfax) recommended in committee Wednesday that the bill be carried over until 2015, a motion that was approved on a party-line vote.

Howell and the other hyper-partisans in the State Senate had initially proposed and supported identical legislation, but that died because of “unintended consequences” that needed to be studied. One of those consequences, apparently, was that the legislation could help Comstock’s bid for Congress in Northern Virginia. They couldn’t allow that.

Just imagine for a second that Republicans had killed a piece of legislation that helps women to try to deny a political victory for a female Democrat candidate. Rachel Maddow would be beating the drum on the story for weeks. Instead, this gets swept under the rug.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Delegate Chris Peace, who understands the game:

“This issue was not a controversial one until my fellow co-patron announced for Congress,” Peace said.

  • timzank

    Democrats doing what they do best, lying, cheating, stealing, etc regardless if it hurts their constituents or not.. the usual.. They are nothing if not consistent

  • Larenzo1

    Who is surprised