Choosing a Portable Projector

Portable projectors are devices of relatively small size and low weight. These models are not inferior to stationary models in functionality and image quality, but their advantage is that they can be easily transported. This category has a clear tendency towards downsizing and weight loss. There are such compact models that you can carry them not just in your bag, but even in your pocket. Portable mini projector is a device for projecting images on a large screen (or other surface).

Nowadays, handheld projectors are becoming increasingly popular. Such devices are in demand in many areas of human activity: education, management, economics, ecology, medicine and many others.

How to choose a portable projector, and what to look for when buying?

First of all, it is necessary to determine which multimedia information will be projected most often. If the purchased device is required to view the video, then you should opt for devices designed for home theater systems. Be sure you have read reviews online, like nebula capsule review. For the educational process or business purposes, a portable DLP projector would be more suitable. The technical indicators of such projectors allow you to use the gadget in large meeting rooms, classrooms or offices.

Most common projection matrix technologies are the following:

  • LCD – form a projection using liquid crystal matrices. The main advantage of such projectors is low energy consumption. Even better color reproduction is provided by models manufactured using advanced 3LCD technology.
  • LCoS – transfer the image to the screen or surface using a matrix on liquid crystals, too. However, in these models, the matrix is ​​located on the surface of a silicon mirror. Such a mini-projector is a modern modification of obsolete LCD-projectors, which provide the consumer with better image transmission.
  • DLP – provide a very high-quality picture. A portable HD projector with a DLP matrix is ​​best suited for outdoor events, as it weighs much less than other types.
  • LED – instead of a lamp, LED light sources are used. Processing the source image is carried out by three (or five) special electrical circuits. This state-of-the-art technology allows to position the elements inside the projector in the most compact way. This made it possible to create a portable LED projector with high competitive characteristics. It is worth noting that the advent of LED technology made it possible to get rid of the “rainbow effect”.

In addition to the above characteristics, it is worthwhile to find out the characteristics of the brightness, resolution and contrast of the particular device that you are thinking about purchasing. Before choosing the most suitable portable projector for your smartphone, compare the noise level, weight, overall dimensions, lamp life and the number of ports.

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