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How to choose a radio-controlled car?

Among all the radio-controlled toys, cars take a leading place in terms of popularity. They are able to provide their owners with lots of speed and design ideas. Indeed, on the one hand, a radio-controlled car is an approximation to the childhood dream of every boy to drive a car at great speed, and on the other hand, it is a separate sport that has its own nuances and laws. That is why every person is interested in the question of how to choose a radio-controlled car or is looking for the RC rock crawler reviews. Only by choosing the right car a beginner can enjoy this sport.

Which radio-controlled model will be optimal for a beginner?

In fact, absolutely all radio-controlled models can be divided according to several characteristics: engine size, engine variety, size, chassis type, and configuration. For a beginner, of course, it is necessary to choose the most affordable and simple model if he does not have any experience with the radio-controlled cars. The most relevant cars will be models that are ready for use and the ones with an electric motor.

The scale of the car is somewhat more difficult to determine, because in this case, you need to take into account for whom this model is intended and for what purpose. If the toy is bought to become a hobby or for a small child, then mini-models are the best option. If you need a car for sports, then you need to start with a simple one of class 18-16.

And, of course, you need to consider where you wanna ride it. If you are closer to high speed and sharp turns on tracks, then you do not need to think about how to choose a radio-controlled car, just immediately buy a rally model with road or drift wheels. It must be borne in mind that a special track is needed for rally models.

If a flat track is boring for you, then you need to choose a car from the SUV class. For such cars, you do not need to purchase a special track, since they can go through absolutely anything: in the country, in the backyard, in the forest, on the beach. Among them there is a separate variety – trial cars, for which speed is a secondary indicator, but they can go through absolutely any relief route.

Buy a ready-made model or give preference to prefabricated counterparts?

In the modern market there are ready-made models and prefabricated ones. Naturally, if you are choosing a car for a beginner, it is necessary to give preference to ready-made models, since an attempt to plunge into the subtleties without experiencing the joys of driving through difficult terrain or at high speeds can discourage you from doing this sport. All assembled models are designated RTR.

The assembly kit is more relevant for the advanced user who knows exactly what he wants to achieve from the purchased toy. They come in two types: Kit or ARR. The first option implies that it will still be necessary to buy some more details, and the second option is that you can assemble the model and hit the road. As car makers say, a Kit is only half the car. But at the same time, such a toy model costs more than an already assembled model. This is due to the fact that the parts in the kit are created from more durable and high-quality materials. Also, advanced users can consider buying a radio-controlled model with ICE.

Depending on the chosen class of car, they can be both light and heavy. Buying such a kit for assembly, you can conduct serious tuning, making it absolutely unique and buying spare parts separately. On the other hand, together with a similar kit, you can significantly save money by using the usual transmitter or receiver, tires or other spare parts from old models that you like and that are of high quality, etc.

Having decided to buy a radio-controlled car in a professional store, you are guaranteed to get the most optimal option for the established budget. Make the right choice and enjoy your car!

How to choose a fire pit?

A real fireplace on firewood, expensive and difficult to install, can be successfully replaced with an electric one. If you know how to choose an electric fireplace, you can not only save your money, but also avoid many problems associated with installing a house of ordinary wood fireplace.

To build a house fireplace is required to comply with a lot of requirements, to obtain approval in the authorities, to find a competent master, and then still fidget with periodic cleaning of the chimney and all the time fear carbon monoxide poisoning. Statistics of doctors say that carbon monoxide from fireplaces and stoves is the most common cause of domestic poisoning.

Fire pits for wood deck do not produce carbon monoxide, and for one of this quality is preferable for an apartment is them. Although the electric fireplace has other advantages.

Features of electric fireplaces

Those who come to a specialist shop to choose an electric fireplace for their home or apartment understand that the room heating function of this device is secondary. For practical heating it is cheaper to choose an oil radiator or convector of the same power. The function of an electric fireplace for your home is more decorative than purely practical. Although the electric fireplace is as capable of heating your home as an oil radiator: its power allows you to heat up to 25 m² of space with a ceiling height of about 3 m. The power of an electric fireplace is usually 2 kW. However, people usually buy electric fireplaces to create a more or less accurate illusion of living fire.

Electric fireplaces are the same as ordinary fireplaces by type of installation:

  1. corner fireplaces;
  2. built into a wall;
  3. floor and wall mounts;
  4. free-standing fireplaces.

Small models are called electric stoves. They can be equipped with carrying handles and wheels for easy transportation. No framing is required. This is the most affordable type of electric fireplace.

Designer stuff

The choice in frame design is extremely large. You can buy an electric fireplace for your home with the frame, or buy both separately. Some buyers invite a designer to get expert advice – how to choose an electric fireplace for an existing or projected interior of a country house or city apartment.

Electric fireplaces also differ in the way the air is heated. They can be infrared, in which case the air in the room does not contact the hot spiral and does not lose oxygen. Less perfect are electric fireplaces in which heating takes place at the expense of a strongly heated spiral. The disadvantage of such devices is that they “burn” oxygen in the rooms of your apartment. Loss of air humidity occurs when any fireplace is working.

Family next to the fireplace

Very much depends on the realistic simulation of the flame. Companies producing electric fireplaces compete with each other, trying to come up with the most realistic imitation of live fire. Some build a device in the electric fireplace to play the sound of crackling firewood, others add flavors to the device.

The flames in fireplaces with a built-in humidifier look most realistic. Neither at first nor at second glance you can not distinguish between the flames in this fireplace from real fire. This perfect illusion is created by special illumination of the water vapor produced. That is, this electric fireplace during the work does not dry the air of the apartment, but on the contrary, moisturizes it.

What to look for when choosing:

  • Power. Some wall models are designed exclusively for room decoration. An electric fireplace that can also heat the air in the house must be at least 1.5 kW of power.
  • Dimensions. In a small room, a huge fireplace will look inappropriate and disproportionate.
  • Framing style. In order not to create a sense of molded hastily and inappropriate interior of the house, the style of the fireplace should correspond to the style in which the entire room is decorated.
  • It is possible to adjust the heating and power consumption. Usually the electric fireplace can be switched on without heating, only for the decorative effect of imitation flame.
  • A useful feature that allows you to adjust the brightness of the glow.
  • Some electric fireplaces are equipped, in addition to imitation flames, also imitate the sound of burning firewood. For other models, the flame simulator can be purchased separately.
  • The best look is an electric fireplace, the flame of which is represented by water vapour jets. A built-in steam generator is valuable, as you do not have to buy a humidifier separately. If finances allow, you should choose this model for your home.
  • When choosing a frame, pay attention to the quality of the material. Often a special plastic is used for this detail. You need to make sure that the material is enough heat and when heated from it will not start to emit any harmful substances. Perhaps it is better to give preference to framing made of ceramics, stone or metal.

Choosing a Portable Projector

Portable projectors are devices of relatively small size and low weight. These models are not inferior to stationary models in functionality and image quality, but their advantage is that they can be easily transported. This category has a clear tendency towards downsizing and weight loss. There are such compact models that you can carry them not just in your bag, but even in your pocket. Portable mini projector is a device for projecting images on a large screen (or other surface).

Nowadays, handheld projectors are becoming increasingly popular. Such devices are in demand in many areas of human activity: education, management, economics, ecology, medicine and many others.

How to choose a portable projector, and what to look for when buying?

First of all, it is necessary to determine which multimedia information will be projected most often. If the purchased device is required to view the video, then you should opt for devices designed for home theater systems. Be sure you have read reviews online, like nebula capsule review. For the educational process or business purposes, a portable DLP projector would be more suitable. The technical indicators of such projectors allow you to use the gadget in large meeting rooms, classrooms or offices.

Most common projection matrix technologies are the following:

  • LCD – form a projection using liquid crystal matrices. The main advantage of such projectors is low energy consumption. Even better color reproduction is provided by models manufactured using advanced 3LCD technology.
  • LCoS – transfer the image to the screen or surface using a matrix on liquid crystals, too. However, in these models, the matrix is ​​located on the surface of a silicon mirror. Such a mini-projector is a modern modification of obsolete LCD-projectors, which provide the consumer with better image transmission.
  • DLP – provide a very high-quality picture. A portable HD projector with a DLP matrix is ​​best suited for outdoor events, as it weighs much less than other types.
  • LED – instead of a lamp, LED light sources are used. Processing the source image is carried out by three (or five) special electrical circuits. This state-of-the-art technology allows to position the elements inside the projector in the most compact way. This made it possible to create a portable LED projector with high competitive characteristics. It is worth noting that the advent of LED technology made it possible to get rid of the “rainbow effect”.

In addition to the above characteristics, it is worthwhile to find out the characteristics of the brightness, resolution and contrast of the particular device that you are thinking about purchasing. Before choosing the most suitable portable projector for your smartphone, compare the noise level, weight, overall dimensions, lamp life and the number of ports.