How to choose a radio-controlled car?

Among all the radio-controlled toys, cars take a leading place in terms of popularity. They are able to provide their owners with lots of speed and design ideas. Indeed, on the one hand, a radio-controlled car is an approximation to the childhood dream of every boy to drive a car at great speed, and on the other hand, it is a separate sport that has its own nuances and laws. That is why every person is interested in the question of how to choose a radio-controlled car or is looking for the RC rock crawler reviews. Only by choosing the right car a beginner can enjoy this sport.

Which radio-controlled model will be optimal for a beginner?

In fact, absolutely all radio-controlled models can be divided according to several characteristics: engine size, engine variety, size, chassis type, and configuration. For a beginner, of course, it is necessary to choose the most affordable and simple model if he does not have any experience with the radio-controlled cars. The most relevant cars will be models that are ready for use and the ones with an electric motor.

The scale of the car is somewhat more difficult to determine, because in this case, you need to take into account for whom this model is intended and for what purpose. If the toy is bought to become a hobby or for a small child, then mini-models are the best option. If you need a car for sports, then you need to start with a simple one of class 18-16.

And, of course, you need to consider where you wanna ride it. If you are closer to high speed and sharp turns on tracks, then you do not need to think about how to choose a radio-controlled car, just immediately buy a rally model with road or drift wheels. It must be borne in mind that a special track is needed for rally models.

If a flat track is boring for you, then you need to choose a car from the SUV class. For such cars, you do not need to purchase a special track, since they can go through absolutely anything: in the country, in the backyard, in the forest, on the beach. Among them there is a separate variety – trial cars, for which speed is a secondary indicator, but they can go through absolutely any relief route.

Buy a ready-made model or give preference to prefabricated counterparts?

In the modern market there are ready-made models and prefabricated ones. Naturally, if you are choosing a car for a beginner, it is necessary to give preference to ready-made models, since an attempt to plunge into the subtleties without experiencing the joys of driving through difficult terrain or at high speeds can discourage you from doing this sport. All assembled models are designated RTR.

The assembly kit is more relevant for the advanced user who knows exactly what he wants to achieve from the purchased toy. They come in two types: Kit or ARR. The first option implies that it will still be necessary to buy some more details, and the second option is that you can assemble the model and hit the road. As car makers say, a Kit is only half the car. But at the same time, such a toy model costs more than an already assembled model. This is due to the fact that the parts in the kit are created from more durable and high-quality materials. Also, advanced users can consider buying a radio-controlled model with ICE.

Depending on the chosen class of car, they can be both light and heavy. Buying such a kit for assembly, you can conduct serious tuning, making it absolutely unique and buying spare parts separately. On the other hand, together with a similar kit, you can significantly save money by using the usual transmitter or receiver, tires or other spare parts from old models that you like and that are of high quality, etc.

Having decided to buy a radio-controlled car in a professional store, you are guaranteed to get the most optimal option for the established budget. Make the right choice and enjoy your car!

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