What exactly is rust?

Metal has always been used to build fundamental structures. Due to its strength and durability, it remains popular to this day. But like any other material, metal also has vulnerable sides. Their presence and causes the use of specialized means – paints on metal.

What is rust

The main disadvantage of metal is its susceptibility to corrosion. Rust on the surface of the metal is a consequence of oxidizing processes occurring in the metal. Rust on a small piece of metal quickly spreads further, and now the entire metal part is covered with an unpleasant red color. In addition to spoil decorative properties, the rust breaks the texture of the metal, making it brittle and not durable. There is one method of rust control. It should be scraped off the metal, treated with anti-corrosive primer, and covered with protective paint. However, now there are paint products on sale that are designed to protect the metal from the damaging effects of corrosion without additional treatment.

The pros and cons of anti-corrosion paint

It is not always possible to remove the rust from the metal. The affected surface may be large in area, or the place is difficult to access, or the part is metal of such a design that you can not get close to it. For such cases and created an anti-corrosive paint on the rust. The advantages of corrosion-resistant paint include:

  • The possibility of applying the paint directly on the affected surface, without prior cleaning.
  • Saving time, the material will not have to be covered with several layers of different preparations.
  • Protective coating on the metal surface, designed to protect against moisture and dirt.
  • Durability of the coating that protects the metal from corrosion. Up to 8 years of protection.
  • Rapid drying of the paintwork material.
  • Huge palette of colors, wide choice of shades.

The disadvantages of the anti-corrosive paint include the impossibility to paint surfaces, operation of which occurs at temperatures above 150 degrees. In addition, the toxicity of the paint does not allow its use where there is contact with drinking water.

Paint types

There are 5 types of metal paints depending on the composition:

  • Metal epoxy paint. The addition of epoxy resins in this paint makes it toxic. Because of this, the use of epoxy paint is not widespread, household items are not allowed to paint with it. Paint is used rarely and only in places where the metal is exposed to high temperatures, as this paint can withstand them.
  • Oil paint on metal. The oil paint contains oils and natural olive. The paint is used for interior finishing works. This paint is not suitable for outdoor work, as it is unstable to changes in air temperature. The protection of metal against corrosion will be broken.
  • Alkyd paint for metal. Used for galvanized surfaces. The advantage of alkyd paint is its high degree of adhesion, it is a pleasure to apply such paint. But application near heated parts of the metal structure is prohibited – the paint is extremely flammable.
  • Acrylic paint on metal. Despite the relatively recent appearance of this paint on the market, it has managed to win the respect of professionals. Acrylic coating is characterized by long-term protection of the metal structure, up to 8 years of corrosion-free existence. It is not toxic and can be used both outside and inside. Besides, it successfully withstands heating of a structure, it is used even for painting radiators of heating.
  • Hammer paint on metal. The paint composition includes epoxy, alkyd and acrylic bases, added fine glass and aluminum powder. The name “hammer paint” was given for the similarity of the final coating to the surface of the hammer striker: rough to the touch with a pronounced metallic gloss. Resistant to moisture, vibration and temperature fluctuations. Wide range of colors and textures: Matt, glossy. Application in two coats replaces the primer and final coating.

Knowing the pros and cons, the specific application of each paint, you will make the right choice of anti-corrosive paint for the metal.

Choosing a Portable Projector

Portable projectors are devices of relatively small size and low weight. These models are not inferior to stationary models in functionality and image quality, but their advantage is that they can be easily transported. This category has a clear tendency towards downsizing and weight loss. There are such compact models that you can carry them not just in your bag, but even in your pocket. Portable mini projector is a device for projecting images on a large screen (or other surface).

Nowadays, handheld projectors are becoming increasingly popular. Such devices are in demand in many areas of human activity: education, management, economics, ecology, medicine and many others.

How to choose a portable projector, and what to look for when buying?

First of all, it is necessary to determine which multimedia information will be projected most often. If the purchased device is required to view the video, then you should opt for devices designed for home theater systems. Be sure you have read reviews online, like nebula capsule review. For the educational process or business purposes, a portable DLP projector would be more suitable. The technical indicators of such projectors allow you to use the gadget in large meeting rooms, classrooms or offices.

Most common projection matrix technologies are the following:

  • LCD – form a projection using liquid crystal matrices. The main advantage of such projectors is low energy consumption. Even better color reproduction is provided by models manufactured using advanced 3LCD technology.
  • LCoS – transfer the image to the screen or surface using a matrix on liquid crystals, too. However, in these models, the matrix is ​​located on the surface of a silicon mirror. Such a mini-projector is a modern modification of obsolete LCD-projectors, which provide the consumer with better image transmission.
  • DLP – provide a very high-quality picture. A portable HD projector with a DLP matrix is ​​best suited for outdoor events, as it weighs much less than other types.
  • LED – instead of a lamp, LED light sources are used. Processing the source image is carried out by three (or five) special electrical circuits. This state-of-the-art technology allows to position the elements inside the projector in the most compact way. This made it possible to create a portable LED projector with high competitive characteristics. It is worth noting that the advent of LED technology made it possible to get rid of the “rainbow effect”.

In addition to the above characteristics, it is worthwhile to find out the characteristics of the brightness, resolution and contrast of the particular device that you are thinking about purchasing. Before choosing the most suitable portable projector for your smartphone, compare the noise level, weight, overall dimensions, lamp life and the number of ports.

Dog combs: choosing the right tool for your pet

Any pet requires a responsible approach and regular care. The most important component of this process is the constant maintenance of the coat in good condition. This requires not only proper nutrition, but also regular combing. Depending on the type of coat of the dog, different adaptations will be needed, and the choice should be approached wisely.

Types of combs for dogs

Tools for the care of dog hair are divided into several types and sorted by purpose:

  • The simplest single-row comb is necessary for combing not too thick, but long hair;
  • Comb with bristles instead of teeth. With its help, you can comb out the longest hair and carefully untangle the tangles. Moreover, such a procedure is also a massage. This best dog brush for short hair can also be used for dogs with short hair;
  • Slicker. Comb with thin metal teeth. They are curved and the tips are rounded. This tool is designed to remove dead fur of the undercoat;
  • Furminator is a recent invention using which you can comb dogs with any hair, as well as completely get rid of the fallen part of the undercoat in one go;
  • Rake comb is considered a good addition to the furminator if bald patches occur. The principle of operation is similar, but the effect on the coat is more gentle;
  • Hair brush glove quickly and effectively removes hairs that have fallen out during dog’s shedding;
  • Double-sided comb is needed to remove dust and dirt from the coat, suitable for different types of hair;
  • Movable tooth combs are effective for combing a dog that does not like and tolerate the procedure. The tool does not hurt, but it is not suitable for very long hair;
  • Combs with teeth of various lengths also do not cause unpleasant sensations, allow you to untangle the fallen hair and eliminate the fallen hairs of the undercoat;
  • Tools for trimming and stripping – special devices for aligning the remaining hairs and hair removal of the undercoat. Short teeth of the tools are located on the blade, which allows you to quickly and efficiently carry out all the manipulations;
  • Dematting comb. A comb with sharp teeth, designed not only to unravel the tangles, but also to cut them if the particular area of ​​the dog hair can no longer be combed.

How to choose a comb?

When choosing combs and brushes, you need to focus on the quality and type of animal hair.

For dogs with long hair

Longhair dogs require daily combing. Long and thick hair must be combed out with an ordinary comb or special massage brush. It is necessary to eliminate excessive undercoat with the help of a slicker. The finisher and rake comb will be effective. If the hair falls off, then you will have to use a dematting comb to cut out all the hair that can’t be combed anymore.

For dogs of short-haired breeds

Short hair dogs are combed with a brush with natural bristles, a special glove is suitable for hair removal. Rakes and combs with rotating teeth will also be good.

For wirehaired dog breeds

Wire-haired dogs do not change their coat and are not subject to seasonal molting; therefore, getting rid of the old cover and updating it completely depends on the owner. To do this, use combs for tripping and streaming.

For smooth dog breeds

Smooth dogs can be taken care of with a regular comb, massage brush and brush glove to rid the animal of dead hairs. You can also use a comb with teeth of different lengths or with rotating teeth.

Brushes and combs depending on the size of the dog

The size of the dog does not belong to the most determining factors when choosing tools for grooming, but it should be remembered that a small comb will make the process of combing a large animal long, unpleasant and ineffective.

For small dogs, on the contrary, you should purchase small tools that carefully comb out the hair even in hard to reach places.

Combing the hair, especially if it is long and fell into tangles, does not always give the animal pleasure, and sometimes it can cause unpleasant sensations. The wide range of Royal Groom sprays facilitates the grooming process, unravels the coat, gives it smoothness and silkiness, and also nourishes the skin of the dog with the necessary nutrients.

What to Consider When Buying a Refrigerator

What is the best time to buy a fridge?

The fridge is all about keeping stuff cold. Typically, people buy their fridge once they are done cooking and don’t need a refrigerator right away. You can go for cheap, well built, American freestanding fridges if you want the basics to get started.

Does it have to be free-standing?

The modern fridge is almost always considered to be free-standing. But, just like the front door, your fridge can still be mounted on a stand or shelf if you need a little more height.

The best time to buy a fridge depends on what the purpose of the fridge is for and how much space is available. Most of the money you’ll spend on the fridge will be on the front door, while the back door is used for storage.

Buy a 14″ refrigerator for a room with 5,000 sq. ft. of living space and use it for dining. The higher the ceiling, the more space you’ll have.

For a house that is currently under construction, where there are large rooms and narrow

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a fridge, just buy what you like and make it yours. It’s hard to nail down the ideal time because all the consumers buy refrigerators for different reasons. For some, it’s a holiday gift. Other people will pick one because they’re broke. Those people are the best time to buy a fridge. As more and more people have families, your options have gotten bigger. The thing is, even if you have people over or even go out with friends on Valentine

Can a refrigerator explode?

Yes, it is a common hazard for heavy-duty vehicles that store food. A refrigerator may explode with sufficient force to cause an internal explosion that may damage the contents. Properly servicing a refrigerator can help reduce the risk.

When a refrigerator is out of service, the internal components may deteriorate. An overheated compressor may expand to great lengths with little warning, resulting in a catastrophic internal explosion.

Most cases are not serious, and are easily repaired if you have enough time and attention.

A refrigerator containing an unrefrigerated, unopened can of food or an open can containing unopened food can be seriously injured. It is common for this to be the result of a discarded can, even if the contents are clearly marked “Dangerous Goods.” If a warm, hot, and liquid food product is poured onto a hot plate, it will expand, allowing air to come into contact with the product. If this air comes in contact with a metal can or any other source of heat, it may overheat and explode.

Anyone who has ever worked with refrigerators has asked this question, and answered it with the same response: He doesn’t know. But that’s not to say that there aren’t some things that we don’t know. And one thing we do know is that things explode in a certain way, when they have a certain chemical reaction and temperatures and pressure, just like every other object in the universe.

“First of all, we need to understand where the carbon atoms are,” in your refrigerator.

What size fridge do I need?

The size of your fridge should be determined based on what you intend to keep it. Here are a few guidelines:

Small fridge: The average-sized refrigerator, as shown in the images below, is 23-inches wide and 7-feet tall. As small as this fridge is, it’ll hold all the ingredients you need.

Medium fridge: The average-sized fridge is 28-inches wide and 9-feet tall. If you have a medium-sized fridge, it should hold about 100 lbs. of food. I find a mini-fridge.

In my “Store Instructions” section, I listed the sizes that I have found work for me. If you’re in the same boat as I am, then we suggest you take a look at our “top fridge brands” section.

For a bigger fridge, simply place a temperature-controlled bag of low-fructose corn syrup (or any kind of sugar substitute) in each freezer compartment. When you open your fridge door for an hour or two, the bags will act as a “cold pad” to trap heat.

Lutron’s WiFi-enabled refrigerators have a user-defined size — but there are instructions below for allowing users to customize their own size. We’ve seen different sizes that work with a variety of different brands and models — so it’s probably a good idea to make sure your fridge is compatible before you make your final decision. If you’re setting up a universal system, you’re likely to get several sizes with different brands — and that means they could not be joined together without some slight modification.

What is the quietest mini-fridge?

It is really important to get the right size fridge to go with your growing cannabis plants. Here is a guide on the size and thickness of fridge for small and medium-size grow lights.

How long does the grow light have to be on a 25 litre or 25+ litre fridge?

The 250W HID light will normally last around 5-10 hours on a 25 litre or 25+ litre fridge, but be careful not to overheat the plastic. Some lights may be too bright (e.g., 1000W

It is important to select a refrigerator that has a large enough capacity. The refrigerator should have enough space to get the food out in one pass. It is recommended to buy a refrigerator that is approximately 4 inches larger in width and 1 inch taller than the depth of your door opening.

Prices on average go for between $100 and $200. Prices for larger sizes will fluctuate based on the amount of food you pack, however, there is usually a minimum price for larger sized refrigerators.

(Most people are going to need a 20, 30, 40-gallon fridge but since you’ve been using the 3-5 gallon-sized tubs, you’re probably thinking 3, 4 or 6-8 gallons.) Look at the outside size and look at the inside size. If you’re looking at a 20 gallon, then look for a 15’x18’x14′ area. (You can do a “little” calculation if you know how big it is so you know how many gallons you’ll need but in most cases a lot of people